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The planner that puts well being ahead of productivity

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The Day by Daybook | Recovery

Developed for you if you are:

  • Overcoming any type of addiction
  • In treatment or therapy

This is the first guided journal + planner designed specifically for those in recovery from any type of addiction.

Whether you’re beginning your journey or continuing to improve your health and well being, the Day by Daybook is here to help you track your mood, daily rituals, challenges and wins (both big & small).

Joyful recovery starts by tuning in and consciously creating the life you want.

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The Day by Daybook | Classic

Developed for you if you are:

  • A front line worker fighting the Covid pandemic
  • Facing any health issue
  • Going through a divorce
  • A cancer survivor
  • A new mom
  • In transition of any kind

Choosing to change something about you & your life can feel a little like standing at the bottom of a mountain and looking straight up at the top.

Especially during these challenging times, it's critical to stay in touch with how you're feeling on a daily basis. Keeping your energy up and spirits lifted is so important and the Daybook helps you do just that.

This journal + planner prompts you to connect the dots between mood, activity and energy levels. It guides you to develop the good habits that support your well being, so you can face any obstacle with greater ease and confidence.

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The Day by Daybook | Teen

  • Developed for you if you are:

    • Feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed
    • Facing challenges at school
    • A child of divorce or experiencing other family issues

    Feelings can be tricky. We all have ‘em, but for a teen, it can be so hard to get a handle on what’s going on inside.

    This journal + planner helps you navigate feelings as they emerge, identify where you hold emotion in your body and express yourself in a healthy and productive way.

    Sorting through feelings can be overwhelming, especially during challenging times, but with the Daybook in your corner, you’ll be well on your way to facing life's ups and downs with confidence and calm.

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  • It all starts with self care.

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    Take a peek inside.

    The Day by Daybook is a unique navigation tool designed to track your personal progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while offering a customizable framework to support you along the way.

    The fun and easy system allows you to track mood variations, develop daily rituals to create better balance, set short and long term goals, celebrate significant milestones, identify patterns that are keeping you stuck and build your own inspirational library to consistently stay engaged and motivated.

    It’s your tried and true guide. Helping you every step of the way to identify areas of focus to keep you on track.

    Daily Spread

    Weekly Spread

    Monthly Spread

    It's as simple as you make it.

    “In the journal, I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself.”

    — Susan Sontag

    Featured in...

    Each book includes...

    A Customizable Design

    The content is curated to guide you, but it’s a clean, visual blank canvas waiting for your personality. 

    The layout invites you to personalize your book and add your own style, letting it be a reflection of you. 

    Representing a 90-day timeframe, it allows you to gain more immediate clarity as you record your progress with less stress and overwhelm than a full year planner.


    Bite-sized goal setting & timeframes are specifically designed to be digestible & doable.


    Never (ever) feel lost or stuck, since every Day by Daybook comes with simple instructions so you can make the most of the system.


    Log your morning, afternoon, and nighttime moods using the simple system and begin to see patterns that are affecting your overall emotional state over time.


    Reflect on your week before and use that valuable information to set and think about intentions for the week ahead.


    Set your intentions and determine your upcoming challenges, then create an action plan for the month ahead.



    Keep tabs on the books you’ve read, quotes you’ve found, milestones you’ve reached, and the little details that make the day-to-day so good.

    Daybook Buzz..

    I absolutely love the Daybook as a simple and engaging way for me to set goals and track progress. Being able to see how mood, actions and diet are so interrelated has made it an invaluable self-awareness tool. 


    Excellent way to take care of yourself!


    I've found its format SO helpful in keeping things simple and organized, especially in this particularly crazy year. I'm just about to order another one! 


    Fantastic and well thought out book, exactly what was needed. Shipped really fast too!


    I’ve always been horrible at journaling for an extended period of time. I start with great intentions and that lasts about a week. I've now been journaling for over 2 months. The Daybook provides me with a structure to achieve my most challenging goals.  



    If I didn't have a prompt or guide, I wouldn't journal. I like that this journal checks in on the same things each day, with room for customization. This is a journal for tracking real progress, not whimsical dreams or questions.


    Great purchase! Already loving it.


    The Day By Daybook is everything that I needed but didn't have when I got sober five years ago.  It feels like a good friend that is two steps in front of me holding my hand on my road in recovery.