"When in doubt, choose change."

- Lily Leung

  • "The Daybook was everything I anticipated and more. Simply put. I'm looking forward and that means a lot. I got this."

  • On my 6th of these journals at this point, they're perfect! I have oodles of journals and notebooks I've purchased with the best of intentions over the years, but these ones are *the only* ones that finally helped me make journaling a daily habit I really enjoy."


  • "Finally a planner with NO guilt! I love how you can write in your own dates. So, if and when I miss a day I don't have to feel bad about it or waste paper. Such a relief!"


Perfect for you if you are:

In professional or personal transition of any kind. 

Overcoming a health issue. 

Embarking on a healthier lifestyle.


Elevate your mood and energy throughout the day.

Cut off negative thinking before it spirals out of control.  

Recognize progress and celebrate wins along the way.

Create more joy and peace in your life.

Change is inevitable...

and choosing to change something about yourself or your life can feel a little like standing at the bottom of a mountain and looking straight up at the tippy top.

That's when its your choice.

When faced with change that happens unexpectedly, lets just take that feeling of fear and intimidation and times it by 100!

If these past few years have shown us anything, it's that change is all around us and resilience is a muscle we need to build to stay sane during these crazy and uncertain times. When faced with change of any kind, it's so important to stay in touch with how you're feeling on a daily basis. Keeping your energy up and spirits lifted is critical to maintaining emotional balance.

The Daybook Classic offers you a simple way to create the healthy behaviors that provide lasting support when you need it most.

Giving you the confidence to face anything that comes your way with ease and grace.

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The Daybook Goes To Work.

Join our Happy Returns Program and welcome your employees back to the office with the Day by Daybook® Classic to help them eleviate the stress and anxiety of returning. 

Show your support as they adjust to a "new normal" with this extra boost to help them reengage and hit the ground running. 

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"I’ve always been horrible at journaling for an extended period of time. I start with great intentions and that lasts about a week. I've now been journaling for over 2 months. The Daybook provides me with a structure to achieve my most challenging goals."