Daily Check Ins

Capture Thoughts, Rituals and Activities (TRAs) while tracking your energy and mood throughout the day.

Jot it down.

CHECK IN during morning, mid-day and evening and log how you're feeling. Jot down to-dos and color code your Mood Checks throughout the day. 

TRACK completion of daily rituals and use the blank space to add new ones. Transfer your most prominent mood color for each day over to your weekly pages. 

Weekly Recaps

Gather your daily data to identify patterns as they surface and make adjustments.

Connect the dots.

REVIEW the Overall Mood section. Do you see any patterns? What days stick out as more negative or positive? In your daily pages, see if a low or high mood correlates with any particular activity or journal entries. 

REVISIT your journal pages to see what thoughts are depleting or zapping your energy. Use your mood data as a roadmap to see what's causing your more difficult days and adjust your TRAs if needed for the upcoming week.

Monthly Insights

Record insights and set goals and intentions for your upcoming month.

Create your success.

ADJUST behavior based on your weekly insights. Inspire yourself by using the back pages to celebrate wins and pen in favorite songs, books or podcasts to stay motivated. 

CREATE your personal plan for success by setting goals and intentions and continuing to make behavioral adjustments to support your well being moving forward.