"It's rough being a teen in this day and age."

- Kay Panabaker

  • “I purchased this for my daughter. She absolutely loves it and is journaling daily!”

  • “My niece loves her Daybook, she calls it her ‘day by day boo’. Makes me happy.”

  • "I love the Daybook! As a college student, It keeps me on top of my work and helps me stay organized. It's such a great reflective tool and my goals feel so much easier to complete.

    This book is AMAZING!"

    - Ally

Perfect for you if you are:

Feeling low, anxious or overwhelmed.

Experiencing challenges at school.

A child of divorce or facing other family issues.


Access and express emotion in a more healthy and productive way.

Explore feelings that may feel scary or unfamiliar. 

Identify mentors or others to support you in times of need.

Feelings can be tricky...

we all have ‘em, but for a teen, it can be really hard to get a handle on what’s going on inside.

For many, these past few years have been really tough. The feeling of isolation that can come from lots of family time and limited fun with friends, takes its toll on staying positive and keeping it all together. To add to the mix, with the constant back and forth of Covid protocols, things still feel chaotic and unpredictable.

As parents you know, feelings of anxiety or overwhelm can happen at any time and be brought on by school, home, relationships - you name it.

The Teen Daybook was designed to be your teen's trusted companion, to throw in their backpack and jot down thoughts and emotions as they come up - with room for journaling and prompts to speak up and ask for support from mentors and friends when needed.

It guides them to explore feelings that may feel scary or unfamiliar and encourages them to express themselves in a healthier and more productive way.

Giving them a safe space to overcome the daily chaos and find their inner calm.

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“The Daybook allows me to stay up to date with how I feel daily. It’s like a healthy way to check on yourself and talk about how you’re feeling.”